If you are unknown about Addon domains then think of it as an additional domain that you can create from your primary domain’s control panel. But it is necessary to have a domain and access to its control panel in order to create an Addon domain.

Having an Addon domain lets you control multiple domains from a single control panel. This Addon domain is a new, unique website hosted in a new folder on your account. Having an Addon domain is just like having a new domain, you can give the Addon domain email address, forwarders, pretty much like a primary domain. For example, if you have a domain “demo.com” and then assign “test.com” as an Addon domain to the folder “test” then the following three routes (URL) will be true:

  • com/test
  • demo.com
  • com

Now after learning about Addon domains, let’s learn how to create it from Cpanel.

Step Wise guide to create Addon Domain

Step 1: After logging into your Cpanel account click on the Addon domain option under the domain tab.

create Addon Domain
Step 2: Then input your new Addon domain and insert the subdomain name as you like. You can specify the directory to where you would like to create a folder for the subdomain. You can also click on the FTP account option if you wish to create an FTP account associated with the Addon domain.

Step 3: Then click on the add domain option to create it.
Congratulations!!!! You just created an Addon domain on your own.
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