What is WordPress?

In simplest terms, WordPress is the simplest and most popular way to build blogs and websites.40% of internet sites are built with WordPress, numbers speak itself why WordPress is popular to build websites. With its open-source content management system, WordPress hosting makes it easier for users who are not familiar with coding and programming to build websites on their own. Users can use plugins and themes to make their site more attractive and compatible. Users can also develop their own themes and plugins if they want to manually manage the sites.

Initially, WordPress was used to build blogs and portfolio sites, but with the continuous development of plugins and themes, any type of website can now be created with the help of WordPress. Some examples are as below

  • eCommerce stores
  • Social networks
  • Business websites
  • Blogs
  • Portfolios
  • Pretty much every other site

Why WordPress & Managed WordPress Hosting?

Why Managed WordPress Hosting? 

The main essence of managed WordPress hosting is that its server is tailored perfectly to support WordPress. From the operating system, servers, command lines to file transfer systems everything is set up to support an optimized and managed WordPress experience. WordPress hosting site focuses on websites running on the WordPress platform.

Server in managed WordPress hosting is specifically allocated for sites running WordPress platforms only. Unlike WordPress hosting, websites running in general hosting use different types of front-end plugins to enhance the performance of the website. In managed WordPress, the server uses different measures like website caching (something that can be made to work much effectively at a server-side level) to increase the performance of the site.

Websites with WordPress hosting are also very secure in comparison to other sites running on general hosting. In WordPress hosting,  the server can block different plugins and themes that can be a threat to the sites. It is much easier to build a secure system when you know exactly what’s running on them. Server admin can run a script so the malicious login can be locked out and help in securing the server better.

Why WordPress?

1:Great for SEO 

With WordPress, On-page SEO becomes a lot easier with the help of different SEO plugins. Plugins like Yoast SEO plugin, Total SEO, all in one SEO, etc. helps you to optimize your site better using keywords, meta description, meta tags, internal/external tags, etc. These plugins help you make your content easier to read and rank on top of the search engines. 

2:Easy to learn and manage 

With its interactive dashboard and easy-to-use interface, people with no prior programming knowledge find it easier to develop websites in WordPress.There are many theme templates that you can use to develop your own sites. You can develop your website just by editing the template contents only. There are many free-to-use or premium theme templates and plugins which you can use, there is also always the option of developing your own theme and template if you have the required programming knowledge.

 3: Easy to grow 

With increasing site users and website size, you can easily upgrade your site using different themes and plugins. You can add new features using the already available plugins. You can also transfer your WordPress site to the new and improved server using different plugins without losing any of your files.

What is Cloudlaya Managed WordPress Hosting? 

Managed WordPress Hosting is a service that is specially built for supporting WordPress websites where security, speed, backups, WordPress updates, and other many technical aspects are managed by the host.

If your website is built on WordPress but you are lacking the technical skills to manage your WordPress website, server, backups, security, and performance then managed WordPress hosting can be a lifesaver. Learn more about the Cloudlaya managed WordPress hosting packages from here.

With Cloudlaya, we add more features to WordPress hosting to provide you with the best experience. Cloudlaya provides the best deals and packages for Managed WordPress Hosting in Nepal.

Other benefits that you will get from Cloudlaya are:

  •  Simple to Use, No technical expertise required
  • Ultra-Fast SSD Storage
  • 1-Click WordPress Install
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Managed 24/7/365 by our WP Experts
  • Malware & Spam Monitoring
  • Secured by Litespeed
  • On-Demand CDN, Speed Boosting, Caching & Staging
  • Free WordPress Installation, Migration, and Backup