CI/CD is a must-have for any tech-based company in today’s world. A CI/CD cloud pipeline automates a company’s software delivery process sustainably.

Implementing Continuous Integration (CI) enables developers to write effective code and build applications. By automating the process of testing, reporting defects, and merging codes to the central repository, developers can focus on the output.

Through Continuous Delivery (CD) a ready-to-be deployed artifact can be made ready for deployment. Here further automated testing is done for functionality, user acceptance, configuration, and loading.

Implementing CI/CD for Nepal’s leading smart recruitment system

Our client wanted to implement CI/CD too,

  • automate the deployment process, and speed up their time-to-market.
  • be able to make changes to their code and test applications for the market without halting operations.

The challenge

In a development cycle, there can be many changes to code every week. Changes such as adding new features and fixing bugs.

Our client did not have expert DevOps in their in-house team. They were manually deploying new versions of their web application to the server which was taking a lot of time. When they decided they needed a CI/CD pipeline, they were already 3-4 months behind schedule.

They tried implementing the pipeline internally but faced challenges doing so. That’s when our experienced team came into the picture. We were required to make a design for implementing a CI/CD model for their smart recruiting system.

From our initial meeting, we found out their reasons for failing to implement CI/CD pipeline for Nepal.

  1. Gaps in vision & strategy of CI/CD pipeline
  2. Continuous Integration gaps due to lack of expert DevOps in the client’s in-house team.

Our approach to Implementing CI/CD for Nepal’s leading smart recruitment system

After gathering the necessary inputs from various meetings with the client, we got to work. We first finalized the necessary specifications and steps needed in our client’s CI/CD pipeline. Secondly, we suggested going with AWS CodeDeploy to set up the CI/CD pipeline, as the client wanted a simple yet efficient solution.

 Then, we set up the CI/CD pipeline for the development server and production server. Now, whenever the development team pushed any code,

  • It would automatically deploy on the development server,
  • Install the necessary dependencies,
  • And, run the application.

This made it easier and faster for quality analysts to test and identify bugs and errors. After verifying and fixing the bugs the application was ready for deployment. The client’s DevOps team could then shift the software onto the production server.

Deployed in 7 days!

Having trouble implementing the CI/CD pipeline internally, the client was not able to go live with their web application. They were already 3-4 months behind schedule.

It only took one week for Cloudlaya’s experts to set up and implement CI/CD pipeline for our client. Since then, the client’s developer team has verified that they have had no problems in application deployment.

What happens in case the CI/CD pipeline fails?

During the automated process, the pipeline may run into problems and fail. In such instances, the default code already existing on the server kicks in and ensures that there are no faulty changes or application down errors. This gives time to Cloudlaya’s experts to check and fix errors or events that led to the deployment failure from the AWS console.

Fulfilled by Cloudlaya

From identifying gaps in strategy, tooling, and execution to helping accelerate the development of key CI/CD capabilities, Cloudlaya solved the problems Talent Connects was facing.

Need consulting or expert DevOps to implement CI/CD pipeline for your business? Contact us. Our experts at Cloudlaya have many years of experience leading commercial products to success in various domains and technologies. We focus on understanding client problems and providing efficient solutions. Whether it be advising or hands-on implementation, we do everything necessary to get the job done! Through our result-oriented approach, we strive to be strategic partners to our clients.