The main essence of managed WordPress hosting is that the server in its server is tailored perfectly to support WordPress. From the operating system, servers, command lines to file transfer systems everything is set up to support an optimized and managed WordPress experience. WordPress hosting site focuses on websites running on the WordPress platform.

The servers in general hosting have to focus on websites running on PHP, Java, Joomla, laravel, node or other platforms. So, there is no exact way of optimizing everything. Server in managed WordPress hosting is specifically allocated for sites running WordPress platforms only.

Why WordPress & Managed WordPress Hosting?

Unlike WordPress hosting, websites running in general hosting uses different types of front-end plugins to enhance the performance of the website. In managed WordPress, the server uses different measures like website caching (something that can be made to work much effectively at a server-side level) to increase the performance of the site.

Websites with WordPress hosting are also very secure in comparison to other sites running on general hosting. In WordPress hosting,  the server can block different plugins and themes that can be a threat to the sites. It is much easier to build a secure system when you know exactly what’s running on them. Server admin can run a script so the malicious login can be locked out and helps in securing the server better.

Certain features while choosing managed WordPress hosting are :

  • Automatically Managed updates

  • Automatic and Manual Backups

  • Better WordPress Support

  • Automatic WordPress Setup

  • Finely Tuned Dashboard

  • Better Caching

  • Heightened Security

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