The G-suite legacy free edition of Google is to be upgraded to Google Workspace paid subscription based on usage from May 1, 2022. Free plans will remain for nonprofits and education sectors only. Starting July 1, the free offering will be phased down, and current customers must switch to a premium Google Workspace membership to keep their accounts and services.

About G-Suite Legacy

G-suite, formerly Google Apps, was renamed as Google Workspace in October 2020, with an enhanced collection of cloud-based collaboration and productivity features. Gmail and Google Calendar, as well as Meet, Chat, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, and Sites, are all part of Google Workspace. Google says, if you do not enter billing information by July 1, 2022, Google will suspend your automated Workspace subscription/accounts.

Google to Discontinue G-Suite Legacy

In October 2020, Google redesigned G Suite as Workspace in order to add more organization to its plethora of applications and services. The new platform, which was first dubbed “the future of work,” aimed to increase the interoperability of its multiple productivity services by blurring the borders between them for a more fluid feel.

The decision by the Google Space team to discontinue the G-Suite legacy is definitely sad news for all of us. This decision will lead to additional monthly costs for your organization. So that you must prepare for the possible alternatives and solutions. Here we recommend  two solutions which are I am describing below:

Solution 1: Stick with Google Workspace

One of the options is to upgrade your account to a paid plan and continue using Google workspace. If you want to continue your Google Workspace and don’t have the billing solution. We can help you with billing solutions and also provide better pricing than directly purchasing from the Google website. You just need to provide us with your admin login so that we can transfer your google workspace account to our partner account. Contact us for Google workspace services.

Solution 2: Migrate to Cheaper Email Hosting Solutions

Want to replace Google Workspace in your company? Consider the solutions such as Zoho, Microsoft 365, and Self Hosted (Zimbra, Roundcube, etc). There are a plethora of advantages of choosing these alternatives over Google Workspace.

Alternatives like Zoho, Microsoft 365, and Self Hosted (Zimbra, Roundcube )  are affordable options for smaller teams looking for a collaborative marketing platform. Although Google Workspace provides a plug-and-play set of productivity tools with unique features accessible by all team members.

Why Choose Cloudlaya for Email Hosting Solution?

Cloudlaya provides knowledge across your organization and assists you in achieving your business objectives in the digital age. We are the Zoho Authorized Partner and a trusted cloud service provider, and we are trusted by many global businesses and users. Our expertise in email hosting and professional support will leverage any customer with the best email solution services.

If you are considering migrating to a cheaper yet robust email hosting solution, we can provide you with Zimbra, Microsoft 365, and Zoho Mail hosting at reasonable pricing. However, if you want to stick to G-suite, we can provide you with better pricing than directly purchasing from Google itself.