Blogger is a popular tool for the blog website by Google. Blogger is hosted on Google servers and uses the subdomain like Fortunately, Google also allows us to host our own custom domain on Blogspot sites. Here we are going to explain how to point your custom domain to a Blogspot site. 

Prerequisites to point a custom domain

1: A blogger Account: First you have to set up your blogger account and blog.

C-Name: A CNAME, or Canonical Name, is an entry within the Domain Name System (DNS) that specifies where someone can find your web pages. You’ll use the CNAME to associate your custom domain with your blog. You can find your blog website C Name form Setting>Basic Section.

How to point your custom domain to a Blogspot site

2: A Records
A record should be created for the IP addresses below.

3: A functional domain ( If you don’t have a domain you can register from the 

4: Access to DNS configuration ( Depending on your service provider DNS configuration can be accessed from multiple ways. Here are the options. 

  • Domain Control panel 
  • Web Hosting control panel. (Optional)
  • CDN (Content Delivery Network Like Cloudflare ): Optional 

1: Using the Domain Control Panel

You can also manage the domain DNS record from the domain control panel. But the domain should use the default nameservers provided by the domain registrar. Some registrar also provides the one-click template to point to your domain Blogspot site. In case of if you register the domain through us and use the nameservers as below: 


2:Using Web Hosting Control Panel (Optional )

You can also manage your domain DNS records if you have a hosting control panel. You don’t need to separate hosting for the blogger website but if you already have a Cpanel and want to manage your DNS record using a control panel. 
Navigate to Domains > DNS Editor. Follow this step to update DNS records in C-panel.

3: Using CDN Like Cloudflare (Optional )

You can also manage your DNS records by hosting your domain on Cloudflare. First, you need to host your website on Cloudflare by updating the nameservers provided by Cloudflare. Now you can point your custom domain to the Blogspot website as the picture shown below. 

In conclusion, the only things you need to update are A-Name and Cname. You can verify your change by checking your DNS records using the site it may take up to 24 hours to propagate the DNS records.
If you need any help regarding pointing your domain to blogger websites. Please free to contact us at